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Capitol Plant Care LLC is an enterprise designed to serve the hemp, medical cannabis and when and if legalized, to support the legal cannabis industry within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  
We work to make you successful by working with you and for you to deliver on your needs. No matter what your needs are, operational requirements or business model beliefs; we can accommodate you. We will give a thorough assessment, create a plan or several options depending on feasibility, an estimated timeline of work and after an agreement and full understanding the process will begin to work.

We proudly offer ourselves to serving you. It is our belief that our integrity, respect for the industry along with our unique skills, competence and professional dedication to positive outcomes is why we are the right choice for your consulting and services needs.

We hope to hear from you!
Jon Bailey,
Capitol Plant Care LLC​
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We offer a wide variety of services that are flexible and unique as to meet your requirements and needs. We look forward to helping you bloom.

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Existing and new farmers, we can help at all stages.

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From the home hobbyist to the professional we offer consultation on a range of indoor horticulture systems spanning the basic to the scientific. We do not sell systems. We work in a consulting/managing contractor capacity that manages the full scope of the project from concepts to implementation.

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We offer customized services in all aspects of plant management ranging from consulting, plan creation, plan implementation.

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Think of our support section as a 911 for plant emergencies for both indoor and outdoor operations From pest to fertilizer issues we are here to help.

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We appreciate that each marketing campaign is unique and as such we structure each campaign differently and often uniquely to achieve desired outcomes. Our goal is that you achieve your goals as we work with you to help your enterprise bloom!

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While the Hemp and Medical Cannabis industry is young within the commonwealth their are many players and when and if the legalization of Cannabis should happen the market will be flooded with product, big players and a vast amount of growers. In branding, It is our goal to brand in manners that endears your operation and your products so that you are able to not only withstand that level of competition but flourish.

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Our compensation is unique and affordable. We are preparing for a subscription service to better serve the local home growing cannabis rights if passed by the state and signed into law. We strive to bring our services to all those who need.

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Mutual Beneficial Partnerships

We are always looking to work with a landowner or farm that has interest in a mutual benefit relationship.

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Capital Plant Care LLC

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