We service indoor and outdoor plant problems.

Pest issues:

  • We can and do work with all types of pest management systems from Natural Farming, Organic Farming, Chemical and Mineral Fertilizers.
  • We can address any type of pest from outdoor crops to indoor crops
  • From soil, soilless to hydroponic to the canopy we address all types and stages of pest no matter where they live.
  • Their may need to be some slight alterations during treatments and instituted new practices as preventative management protocols.


Mold and fungus issues can be devious in the hemp and cannabis crops as some forms are difficult to identify until the fungus has ruined a plant.


Outdoors fungal and mold issue is generally caused by the weather with too much rain towards the end of the season.

  • Pest such as caterpillars also play a role in fungus and mold growth deep in the plants as their dung can be the base of such issues.  
    • As such pest controls are important as to not create a potential domino effect of problems.


Indoors mold and fungus is a bigger problem.  It can spread virtually overnight and it will ruin your crop.

  • Preventative management for mold and fungus is vital to any indoor operation.
  • We will address each identified causing issue and fix those issues.
  • We will ensure that your grow environment, fertilizer system and plant managements work proactively to prevent mold and fungus issues.

Fertilizer issues:

We work with all types of fertilizers from organic, natural farming to chemical and mineral fertilizers.

  • We can establish or review a fertilizer plan.
  • If you have an issue with fertilizers we take a comprehensive look analysing soil/water and plants to determine the best steps forward.  
  • After taking corrective action and seeing improvement we will implement any fertilizer changes made.
  • We can work to bring plants into a desired Brix level.

We want to help play a role in your success.  We do what we do because we love it and rather than join the industry we decided to serve the industry.  

We are excited to serve you and we take pride in watching an operation bloom just as we take pride in the quality of the plants.  We hope to bloom with you!

Jon Bailey,

Capitol Plant Care LLC...