We offer a diverse and wide arrangement of consulting services.  We work with our clients as partners with focus on achieving goals.

We work with traditional farmers, organic farmers, permaculture and natural farming system.  We are not dedicated to one system but use them as tools to meet the needs and aspects of each individual farm or growing operation.  

In almost all situations, we work in a hybrid methodology that allows us to be effective and respect the values of the client.

On the administrative side of the business we utilize "total quality management" and "quality management" aspects that are tweaked for growth which makes these practices very positive and is the base of our effectiveness.

We are not the typical consultancy but we are effective, respectful, affordable and offer quality based on work ethic, morals and pride in our work.  

When you are happy and proud of your business and/or crop, well that is the pat on the back we take!

We offer but not limited to the following consulting services:

  • Creation of Business Plan
  • Business plan review
  • Advertising and marketing your business
    • Website creation and/or update
    • Commercial or video creation
    • Representation at events
  • Operational plans
    • Breeding
      • General Seed
      • Selecting for traits
      • long term genetic projects
    • Cloning
      • Traditional cloning (not micropropagation at this time)
      • Hydroponic or media based.
    • Soil preparations 
      • Outdoor fields
      • Indoor setups
    • Hydroponics setups of all types
    • Nutritional plans
      • All types of nutritional programs from organic, to chemical/mineral to natural farming
      • Natural Farming
    • Plant management
      • pruning
      • cloning
      • topping 
      • outdoor and indoor specifications as needed
  • Crop pest and fungal management, 
    • we will review the situation, give a recommendation taking into consideration the unique aspects of the affected environment, create a plan, estimated time line and price. 
    • We try to work without chemicals and with nature friendly tactics.
    • Works best in a preventative management practice rather than facing a pest outbreak but we can work with all situations.
  • Grow Room
    • Creation of grow room or rooms depending on need. 
      • Special or unique design with solid structure
      • Tent set up
    • Environment and lighting systems
  • Genetic or strain specific seed procurement

We want you to trust in our word and our recommendations:

  • All our work, data, client information is considered confidential and no information will ever be shared outside of a court order.
  • We do not benefit from any product sales or services from 3rd parties or as a result of our product recommendations.

We want to help play a role in your success.  We do what we do because we love it and rather than join the industry we decided to serve the industry.  I would rather work with many farming heroes than just tend my own private garden.

We are excited to serve you and we take pride in watching an operation bloom just as we take pride in the quality of the plants.  We hope to bloom with you!

Jon Bailey,

Capitol Plant Care LLC...