We are professional, eager and energized to help your products and company bloom!  We look forward to discussing your marketing needs and if we cannot meet your needs we will offer to find a company who can.

We can tailor a marketing campaign or research and secure a marketing company for any product or representative needs.

The approach of different marketing campaigns can be different depending on your product type, client base and marketing budget.   

  • We understand and appreciate this unique aspect and as such our marketing does not take a cookie cutter approach but a strategically planned action designed for a specific desired outcome.

Utilizing video, social media (from facebook to forums), billboards, advertisements in select print media to industry organizations and publications are all common tools we employ but we can also represent your company in person such as at conventions or any need that you may have.

We want to help play a role in your success.  We do what we do because we love it and rather than join the industry we decided to serve the industry.  

We are excited to serve you and we take pride in watching each operation bloom just as we take pride in the quality of the plants.  We hope to bloom with you!

Jon Bailey,

Capitol Plant Care LLC...