The difference in our branding and marketing is that we also ensure the operation is a quality managed operation in all aspects.  We will ensure a professional and effective operation tapered with a branding/marketing operation that proactively can withstand market fluctuations and positively add to the value of the business.

  • Your brand becomes a product in itself.

This is largely an intangible benefit however, once successfully proven, the value of the company/business increases and the strength of your brand and quality of the operation will proactively work to increase the value of your business which benefits in pricing negotiations to the sale of the business.  

We take the concepts of total quality management and quality management and alter them for growth which creates and implements a management system that addresses the weak points of the operation and strengthens those points removing the liability it once was.

Our branding service will proactively work to insulate you from many negative situations.  The difference between our branding service and many others is that we ensure the operation is an equal to the marketing which together enables the full potential and value of your operation and products to be realized.

  • We do not create hype, we create professional operations that succeed.

We want to help play a role in your success.  We do what we do because we love it and rather than join the industry we decided to serve the industry.  

We are excited to serve you and we take pride in watching an operation bloom just as we take pride in the quality of the plants.  We hope to bloom with you!

Jon Bailey,

Capitol Plant Care LLC...