Our fees and costs can be unique for each client depending on their situation.  Before any work commences a firm contract and agreement for both sides will be understood and accepted.  

To give you an idea we offer the following:

We offer such a diverse range of consulting services to varied  clients that our operational services are difficult to set a specific fee.  

As such we offer a zero fee for the initial consultation.

  • We will bill for cost such as but not limited too.

Example of Costs:

  • Actual cost only.
  • Travel cost, only after 1st consultation.
  • Cost of any materials, 3rd party services.  (pre-agreement)


  • Varies by consultant service and services rendered.
  • We are open to several types of fee based concepts.
    • For short term issues we charge a fee of 20 dollars an hour plus cost.
    • For mid to long term based projects we charge a base fee to be determined based on work associated.
      • Base pay & Incentive based
      • Base pay, criteria and incentive based
      • One time payment
      • Partial payment, follow up payments based on time
      • Partial payment, follow up based on time, incentive and criteria
      • Consideration of other options.

The fee for services will be determined based upon the service rendered and how in depth the work and potentially based on our success. 

We desire you to be successful and we understand that small to middle sized businesses and operations might find themselves priced out of these services from current providers compared to the bigger operations and companies.

It is our goal to help you succeed with your goals.  We want to be more like a partner with you and will not take from you.  

  • We want to earn with you and not take from you!

We will work with you to make the service affordable and when the tangible benefits come back to the business we will then likely be further paid an agreed upon percentage/criteria-achievement based system.  

In this way both businesses can afford to work together and effectively provide our stated value. 

  • We want to help play a role in your success.  We do what we do because we love it and rather than join the industry we decided to serve the industry.  

We are excited to serve you and we take pride in watching a grow and bloom just as we take pride in the quality of the plants.  

We hope to bloom with you!


Jon Bailey

Capitol Plant Care LLC...